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Doctor of Education with Specialization in Higher Education

Shape the future of higher education as a change-agent with our Ed.D in Higher Education

The Doctor of Education with Specialization in Higher Education is an advanced terminal graduate degree program tailored for those aspiring to become administrators and catalysts for change in post-secondary schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. This program equips students with essential strategies and skills to navigate the complexities of higher education administration.

  • Create evidence-based research on academic or educational topics, encompassing proposal development, literature research, and data analysis.
  • Demonstrate effective strategies employed by administrative staff members in universities and colleges.
  • Analyze crucial research, financial, and budgetary data used by administrators in higher education institutions.
  • Understand the role of philanthropic foundations in the overall operation of universities and colleges.
  • Recognize the roles of Boards of Trustees, Regents, and governmental agencies in the day-to-day operation and accreditation procedures of higher education institutions.
  • Promote the advancement of learners’ knowledge based on research applicable to the professional practice and leadership in education.
  • Pursue advanced scholarship and personal leadership goals in their areas of interest.
  • Intellectually explore practical solutions for issues, challenges, and problems confronting education today through the doctoral dissertation project.
  • Analyze issues, challenges, and problems confronting education today through an advanced understanding of social, cultural, organizational, and ethical/justice issues.
  • Guide the development of education in a dynamic, complex, and diverse society.
  • Promote equity and create transformational change through scholastic achievement.
  • Focus on issues, practice, and research in the field of higher education.
  • Foster scholarly inquiry in areas of intellectual and professional interest.
  • Provide highly individualized experiences to achieve individual career goals.
  • Cultivate analysis and problem-solving skills and expertise.

Graduates of the Doctor of Education with Specialization in Higher Education emerge as transformative leaders and administrators in the field of higher education. Equipped with advanced skills, in-depth knowledge, and a commitment to equity and scholarly inquiry, they become change-agents, addressing complex issues and shaping the future of post-secondary institutions globally. Their impact extends to creating transformational change, promoting equity, and fostering scholarly inquiry in higher education, making them instrumental in guiding institutions toward success in a dynamic and diverse society.

Program Structure

Explore the detailed program structure, including core subjects and a diverse range of electives.

Total Credits required for Doctor of Education with Specialization in Higher Education is 63.

This program has the following course requirements:

Students must complete all the required foundation courses. Each course is valued as 4 Credits.

Students intending to pursue doctoral degrees must take and pass a comprehensive examination after they have completed their non-dissertation courses, because it is a pre-requisite of the dissertation courses. One of the purposes of this examination is to sufficiently assess students’ full knowledge on the dissertation title they wish to research.

Comprehensive examination is valued as 1 credit.

Completion of the following courses in the dissertation course is mandatory for obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration. The dissertation itself must be undertaken only after the successful completion of all non-dissertation courses. It is essential to note that not more than one dissertation course can be pursued in a single session.

For detailed Dissertation guidelines, please click here.

Each dissertation course carries a value of 4 credits, with the exception of the “Dissertation Complete” and “Oral Defense” courses, which are valued at 2 credits each.

This program does not offer elective courses; the curriculum is structured without optional selections.
This program does not have any additional requirements; refer to the core courses section for all the courses required.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For comprehensive information on tuition costs and associated fees, please visit our dedicated Tuition and Fees page.

Program Brochure

Looking to find your perfect fit? Learn more about this program from our detailed program brochure. Download our comprehensive program brochure now.

How to Apply

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Please visit our Admission Requirements page for detailed information on the institution-wide application requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The duration of our graduate programs varies. Master’s programs typically take 1-2 years, while Doctoral programs may take 3-5 years to complete, depending on the field of study, program structure, and whether you’re enrolled full-time or part-time.

Many of our graduate programs offer a degree of customization through elective courses, independent study options, and specialized tracks. This flexibility allows students to tailor their studies to align with specific career objectives and research interests.
Charisma University understands the need for flexibility in graduate studies. We offer various options, including part-time enrollment, evening classes, and online courses, to help students balance their academic pursuits with work or other personal commitments.

Contact Information

For more information about this program, the degree requirements and program information, please contact the following personnel.
Administrative Support Contact.

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

More Information

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

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