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Research and Innovation

Centre of Advanced Research and Innovation (CARI)

Charisma University’s Research and Innovation platform is dedicated to exploring groundbreaking ideas, fostering discovery, and transforming these insights into real-world solutions.

CARI Overview

At the heart of Charisma University, the Centre of Advanced Research and Innovation (CARI) stands as a beacon of scholarly exploration and discovery. CARI is dedicated to fostering cutting-edge research in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Technology. Here, brilliant minds converge to push the boundaries of knowledge, engage in critical thinking, and translate academic insights into real-world impacts.

CARI’s commitment to advancing academic research, hosting seminars, and building global research networks defines its core mission – to innovate, educate, and illuminate.

Prof. Dr. Anita Abott

CARI Exec. Committee Chair

Prof. Dr. Anne Wade

CARI Executive Director


Research at CARI is a journey of exploration and depth. We delve into critical issues, seeking not just answers but also raising new questions in Humanities, Social Science, and Technology, fueling academic and practical advancements.


Innovation at CARI goes beyond conventional boundaries. We embrace creative thinking and problem-solving, driving advancements that redefine possibilities and set new standards in various academic and professional fields.


Discovery is at the core of CARI’s ethos. Our pursuit is not just for knowledge but for groundbreaking discoveries that have the power to transform industries, influence policies, and improve lives globally.

CARI Objectives

At CARI, our objectives are centred on fostering academic excellence and global collaboration. We are committed to promoting research, knowledge exchange, and scholarly development in diverse fields.

Research & Training

Dive into our specialized seminars and training sessions at CARI, designed to sharpen your research capabilities and elevate your academic writing.

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