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Master of Science in Psychology

Unlock the potential of the human mind and behavior.

The Master of Science in Psychology at Charisma University is a versatile program designed for graduate-level students from various undergraduate backgrounds. This program aims to develop and apply psychological theories and scientific methods in professional settings or as a foundation for further educational pursuits. Whether seeking career advancement or preparing for post-graduate studies, students will find the curriculum flexible and enriching.

Unique to our program is the option to include ‘dual-credit courses,’ which are doctoral-level courses that count towards both the master’s degree and future doctoral studies, such as a Ph.D. or PsyD in Psychology. Students can take up to 15 credit hours of these courses. Additionally, the program allows for the transfer of up to 9 credit hours of post-graduate course credit from other universities, subject to the School Dean’s approval.

The MS in Psychology at Charisma University is an ideal pathway for those aspiring to work in community agencies, healthcare, education, or social services, providing the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in these fields.

Disclaimer: It is the student’s responsibility to check with their state or government licensing board that this program meets their licensure requirements before enrolling in it.
  • Prepare for professional careers in clinical, research, corporate, or educational psychology.
  • Gain advanced understanding of historical and contemporary theories and concepts in psychology.
  • Develop skills in research, writing, and application of psychological knowledge.
  • Learn about various diagnostic and treatment modalities in psychology.

Graduates of Charisma University’s Master of Science in Psychology program are poised for success in clinical, research, corporate, or educational fields. Armed with a deep understanding of psychological theories and advanced research skills, they become valuable contributors to diverse professional endeavors. Whether working in community agencies, healthcare, or social services systems, this program empowers students to pursue exciting opportunities and make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.

Program Structure

Explore the detailed program structure, including core subjects and a diverse range of electives.

Total Credits required for Master of Science (MS) in Psychology is 36.

This program has the following course requirements:

For the Master of Science in Psychology degree the student must select among the core courses listed below;

To fulfill the requirements for the Master of Science in Psychology degree, students are required to choose from the core courses provided and opt for either OPTION 1 (Master’s Thesis) or OPTION 2 (Supervised Internship) to meet the 36 credit hour requirement.

The Master’s Thesis (GRES 690) is valued at 6 credits and must be taken in the last semester of the program.

For detailed Thesis guidelines, please click here.

This program does not offer elective courses; the curriculum is structured without optional selections.
This program does not have any additional requirements; refer to the core courses section for all the courses required.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For comprehensive information on tuition costs and associated fees, please visit our dedicated Tuition and Fees page.

Program Brochure

Looking to find your perfect fit? Learn more about this program from our detailed program brochure. Download our comprehensive program brochure now.

How to Apply

Find detailed information about application requirements and important deadlines for enrollment. Ready to begin your journey? Start your application now at our Online Application Portal.

Please visit our Admission Requirements page for detailed information on the institution-wide application requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The duration of our graduate programs varies. Master’s programs typically take 1-2 years, while Doctoral programs may take 3-5 years to complete, depending on the field of study, program structure, and whether you’re enrolled full-time or part-time.

Many of our graduate programs offer a degree of customization through elective courses, independent study options, and specialized tracks. This flexibility allows students to tailor their studies to align with specific career objectives and research interests.
Charisma University understands the need for flexibility in graduate studies. We offer various options, including part-time enrollment, evening classes, and online courses, to help students balance their academic pursuits with work or other personal commitments.

Contact Information

For more information about this program, the degree requirements and program information, please contact the following personnel.
Administrative Support Contact.

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

More Information

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

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