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Master of Education

Empowering future educators, administrators, and support personnel with essential skills for success in diverse educational settings.

The Master of Education program is designed for students seeking advanced studies in the field of education. Tailored for teachers, administrators, and support personnel, this program equips individuals to excel in elementary, high school, and post-secondary educational institutions. Focused on cultivating necessary skills and knowledge, it prepares professionals to thrive in various educational roles and settings.

  • Create a final thesis or project using evidence-based and best practices within a K through 12 school environment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work in an administrative capacity in a K through 12 school environment through the application of learned strategies.
  • Understand the roles of parent groups, community groups, school boards, and governmental agencies in the day-to-day operation of schools.
  • Integrate expertise and knowledge into educators’ practice in their educational environments.
  • Participate in lifelong learning that enhances educational practice.
  • Empower students as learners and cultivate a voice in the profession, becoming trailblazers in educational change.
  • Develop problem-solving skills to address complex issues in the school setting.
  • Perform and support scholarly research addressing critical regional and national education issues.
  • Obtain training in research methodology and design to guide significant educational research.
  • Develop collaborations with educational agencies, scholars, and institutions to respond to national educational needs.
  • Engage in national and international collaborations to provide service to the field of education.
  • Cultivate skills required by professional educators to address the educational, social, and psychological needs of the entire range of exceptionality, from the gifted to the severely disabled.

Graduates of the Master of Education program emerge as empowered and versatile professionals ready to make a meaningful impact in education. Equipped with advanced skills, knowledge, and a commitment to lifelong learning, they excel as educators, administrators, and support personnel in diverse educational settings. With the ability to address complex issues, conduct scholarly research, and collaborate nationally and internationally, they become influential leaders and advocates for positive change in the field of education.

Program Structure

Explore the detailed program structure, including core subjects and a diverse range of electives.

Total Credits required for Master of Education is 36.

This program has the following course requirements:

Students must complete all the required foundation courses. Each is valued at 3 credits

Students are required to select and successfully finish two courses from the leadership courses.

Completion of all field work courses is mandatory for students.

The Master’s Thesis (GRES 690) is valued at 6 credits and must be taken at the last semester of the program.

For detailed Thesis guidelines, please click here.

This program does not offer elective courses; the curriculum is structured without optional selections.
This program does not have any additional requirements; refer to the core courses section for all the courses required.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For comprehensive information on tuition costs and associated fees, please visit our dedicated Tuition and Fees page.

Program Brochure

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How to Apply

Find detailed information about application requirements and important deadlines for enrollment. Ready to begin your journey? Start your application now at our Online Application Portal.

Please visit our Admission Requirements page for detailed information on the institution-wide application requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The duration of our graduate programs varies. Master’s programs typically take 1-2 years, while Doctoral programs may take 3-5 years to complete, depending on the field of study, program structure, and whether you’re enrolled full-time or part-time.

Many of our graduate programs offer a degree of customization through elective courses, independent study options, and specialized tracks. This flexibility allows students to tailor their studies to align with specific career objectives and research interests.
Charisma University understands the need for flexibility in graduate studies. We offer various options, including part-time enrollment, evening classes, and online courses, to help students balance their academic pursuits with work or other personal commitments.

Contact Information

For more information about this program, the degree requirements and program information, please contact the following personnel.
Administrative Support Contact.

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

More Information

(649) 941-7337
(406) 831-9384

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